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Engaging Challenges and Providing Options 


     Carefully selected consultants and teams, stand ready to provide their expert assessments and recommendations to our clients, and to tackle their individual organizational challenges. Our experts will also guide and support the training development, implementation, and management at all levels necessary for your organizations/institutions, to successfully meet your internal growth and development.


     Our teams have engaged and successfully advised and actioned a variety of situations and projects from: construction (roads and facilities), event planning and resourcing, training plans (academic institutions and tactical scenarios for military/law enforcement), along with various operations assessments, recommendations and management.



     The 0435 Group's key leadership and consultants have provided support, advise, and leadership to major organizations and institutions within the corporate arena and government (foreign and domestic) agencies and military to include: The United States Department of Defense, State Department, The Inter-American Development Bank, and The Organization of American States.



     The 0435 Group is a veteran-owned and operated consulting firm that has spent years developing its vast network of experts—using current military planning techniques and operations management to engage both government and private sector objectives and challenges. Using carefully screened and selected teams and leaders, the group can use innovative plans development and options to address our clients’ complex needs and challenges.

     With worldwide connections and reach and multilingual capabilities, including Central and South America, Europe, and Asia, our teams and consultants can provide candid assessments, propose feasible options and assist with managing plans and decisions.

Your 0435!


            Life is full of events, circumstances, and epiphanies that can and, on many occasions, change our lives forever. Most people in the military and similar circles are familiar with the term “alive day.” This day is the anniversary of a day when a service member came close to death. This day might only come up once a year; however, the overall sentiment and reflection on what could have happened and the fact that it did not is a daily occurrence. This daily reminder provides the daily infusion of motivation and personal drive that inspires our self-improvement.

            04:35 am happens every morning for our founder and team. It represents a life-changing experience; when the sacrifice of an incredible individual created a second chance for our founder and gave birth to the idea of the 0435 Group. This is a daily reminder that he that we can and need to be better. We need to strive to be better leaders, better team members, better friends, better spouses, better parents, and better people.

What is your 0435?


6008 Mayfair Lane

Alexandria, VA 22310

Tel: 562-999-6716

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